O’Donnells Bakery was established back in 1952, in Killorglin, County Kerry by John O’Donnell. Founded on the cornerstone ideas of providing high quality traditional and contemporary bread products for the enjoyment of the local community, and continuing right up to this present day.

Throughout the years, O’Donnells bakery has expanded and grown the product range and our commitment and passion to provide hand-crafted produce is stronger than ever.

O’Donnells Bakery, still to this day, continues to produce a bread range in the traditional handmade method. Our product range has grown and adapted with the times and we now produce a broad range of cereal, muesli, granola and herb/fruit stuffing. Our attention to detail and use of premium ingredients adds to the unique homely taste of O’Donnells bread.

O'Donnells Bakery Killorglin

Product Range


Below is a list of the products that we produce in our Killorglin-based bakery. All of our products are baked to the highest quality with the finest natural ingredients, are low in salt and contain no hydrogenated fat. We have a health conscious approach and all our bread and cereal products are always made with low amounts of salt and sugar.

At O’Donnells we also have a strong local ethos and this is reflected in the ingredients we source i.e. Valentia Island Buttermilk. All the products listed below can be purchased in a range of local supermarkets in and around the Mid and South Kerry area. To find your nearest stockist click here


Traditional Soda Bread

Fruit Soda Bread

Old Style Crusty Loaf (Brown & White)

Vienna Bread

Crusty Stick

Bran & Buttermilk Loaf

Roasted Walnut & Branflake Loaf


Dried Culinary Crumb

Fresh herb & Fruit Stuffing